PowSurf Boots

PowSurf Boots Client : “What kind of shoes should I use?” Yasu : “Warm,Soft, long boots that are water-proof, like Sorel’s, winter “gumboots” (winterized rubber boots). Client : “Aren’t snowboard boots ok?” Yasu : “Snowboard boots are ok, but I … Read More

Who runs PowSurf tours

Yasuo Makino started PowSurf Tours in 2018He was born and grew up in Osaka, Japan.When he was 20 years old, he decided to have a “dream year” and do whatever he liked.that year quit his Photograher assistant job, he traveled … Read More

PowSurf in Japan

About 10 years ago, Powsurfing is coming back to snowfield in Japan, Europe, North America.It was very very small movement. People call “Yukiita” for PowSurf or PowSurf board in Japan.“Yuki” means snow, “Ita” means board.Mr Gomyo who named “Yukiita” have … Read More